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Volume Zones

Volume Zones Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Invites Smarter Stock Scalping Employing Volume Data

Signals Informed by the Best Data with VZO Indicator

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Why you'll love Volume Zones...

Shakespeare was undoubtedly a great storyteller, but all things considered, he often borrowed those stories from others. The Volume Zone Indicator takes the best of trusted data outputs and rolls it into an indicator that will generate smarter buy/sell signals and give direction to your strategy.

The Volume Zone Indicator gives you the power to . . .  

  • Max your profits with helpful signals from a money flow indicator with simple triggers and close ties to OBV indicators
  • Gain simple signals that work with an oscillator that breaks up daily volume activity into positive and negative terms
  • Consider it positive when the current close price is greater than the prior close and negative when it’s lower than the prior
  • Plot data as a curve through relative percentage levels that produce buy/sell signals depending on level and direction in easy to read signals
  • Confirm signals with price pattern indicators, EMA, and ADX indicators
  • Take a fresh approach to volume data based on trend signals with smarter outputs
  • Leverage all the features of the oscillator framework in your chart
  • Use on multiple time frames for a broader approach to your strategy
  • Change up your data with custom bar types for more narrowed output
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Leverage respected indicators to give direction to your strategy with the Volume Zone Indicator that combines the power of all the best data calculations.

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