What separates the Ninjacators Partner Program from the
"Big Guys"

Let’s face it. Most affiliate and partner programs in the trading industry ask you to do all the work — so they reap all the rewards. We focus on growing your business first. Every partnership opportunity is custom crafted based on what YOU are trying to achieve with your business and for your customers.

Ninjacator Partner Program Benefits

  • Payout Structure: Just getting started with us? Great. We’ll pay a flat commission of 30% on everything your leads generate thanks to your deployments. After we’ve hit our stride and were able to confirm that your leads are interested in our programs… we’ll bump your commission to 50%.

          Convinced that your leads are a lock? Fantastic. We’ll want to quickly compare notes on those leads and if                   we’re on the same page - we’ll gladly start you at 50% for the first test.

  • Offers & Promotions: You can advertise only what you want. Mix and match in between free content like Indicator of the Month Club offers (no sales pitch whatsoever), ebooks, jumpstarts or specific Indicator offers (to generate commissions fast).
  • Minimum Requirements: There are none. And the size of your list will never matter. Only have 250, 500 or 1,000 people on your list? No problem. We’ll give you the same attention our partners with 50,000+ subscribers get.
  • Available Resources: How about nothing but high converting emails and landing pages? All our sales pages are proven to convert. When you send qualified traffic you can expect sales to happen. To help you succeed, we’ll even give you the same email sequences we send to our list that average 30% open rates and 10%+ click thrus.

You choose the best fit for you!

One size doesn't always fit all... that's why we have several partnership options to choose from!  Check out our Partner Program Packet to get full details on all the ways you could partner with us!  

Schedule a call today with our Partner Program manager Nathan Allen to get you set all set up!