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Mason K

Robot Portfolio Lab Trader

I found Ninjacators back in Feb and I absolutely love their products and their driving desire to help you succeed! I am a member for life and so look forward to a long and profitable future... I am up 30% thanks to the hard working Bots... After a while, they trade with house money and when you get used to the ups and downs, and realize the ups exceed the downs you can watch them work for you. You come to appreciate them as part of your team and they add a level of hope for the future that is priceless... Here's to your success and Happy Trading everyone!

Jacquelyn D

Futures Trader

I have been with Ninjacators since last September. Their products
are amazing, as is their educational videos. There also is a strong sense of belonging, no one gets left behind. The customer service is by far some of the best out of any industry. There is no mistake here, from a simple purchase, to both feet in, its a great place to do business.

Brian R


This is my second purchase from ninjacators and I can say they are truly costumer focused. The white glove installation part is wonderful for computer challenged people. They're patient and even humorous. Looking so forward to replicating the results seen on the product I just purchased. Highly recommend them!


The Ninjacators Way

At the heart of our mission is a genuine care
for our clients, offering affordable professional tools and timely support, ensuring you never feel left
in the dark. Not only do we equip you with
tried-and-true strategies we personally trust for
 our own  investments, but we also prioritize your trading security, sharing our exclusive blend of techniques  and mindset to optimize your profits
and minimize risks.

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Trader Superhero
Ninjacators Brings Trading Success to You

Ninjacators Brings Trading Success To You!

Since 2008, Ninjacators has empowered 50,000+ traders on the NinjaTrader® platform, creating 450+ indicators and nearly 100 unique strategies, all from our 70-year trading expertise.

Many NinjaTrader® developers force "no refund" waivers and charge high prices. Some make refunds a hassle. We believe that's wrong.

We understand the challenges Futures day traders face in finding trustworthy partners.

That's why integrity, guidance, and generosity drive us, paired with three industry-first innovations.

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But That's Not All Ninjacators Does...

Ninjacators Gives You Everything You Need To
Elevate Your Daily Trading

Replace Your Income, Secure Your Retirement, Become A Full
Time Trader. We Pave The Path To Your Success.

Ninjacators is...

Your Way into Fully Automated Algo-Bot Portfolios

Constructing fully automated algo-bot portfolios used to be a complex task. What once took prolonged periods of fine-tuning and configuration can now be accomplished in just one afternoon!

With Robot Portfolio Lab, you can...

  • Get Consistency in Trading: Fully Automated Algo-Bot Portfolios execute trades based on predefined criteria, ensuring that decisions are made consistently without the influence of emotions or biases.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: These portfolios can operate 24/7, allowing them to capitalize on global market opportunities that a human trader might miss. Moreover, they can manage multiple assets and trading strategies simultaneously, optimizing for the best returns.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Algo-Bot portfolios use vast amounts of market data and advanced algorithms to make informed decisions, often identifying patterns and trends that might be overlooked by human traders.
Your Way Into Fully Automated Algo Bot Portfolios

It's free. Save your Spot Now!

Your Way Into AI Generated Day Trading Signals

It's free. Save your Spot Now!

Ninjacators is...

Your Way into A.I. Generated Day Trading Signals

A.I. generated day trading signals utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze market data and provide traders with real-time, data-driven entry and exit points.

With our Signal Trader Lab, you can...

  • Enhanced Accuracy: A.I. Generated Day Trading Signals leverage vast datasets and sophisticated algorithms to pinpoint trading opportunities, often resulting in more precise predictions than traditional methods.
  • Adaptive Learning: Through machine learning, the A.I. continually refines its strategies based on new data, ensuring that traders stay ahead of ever-evolving market conditions.
  • Reduced Emotional Bias: By relying on data-driven signals, traders can make decisions based on objective analysis rather than emotions, leading to more rational and potentially profitable trading decisions.

Ninjacators is...

Your Way into Indicators, Strategies, LIVE Training Classes

Unsure of where to begin without breaking the bank? The Fast Track Membership offers you full access to dive deep into all features, tools, and resources at your disposal.

With Ninjacators Fast Track Membership, you can...

  • Comprehensive Access: The Ninjacators Fast Track Membership provides members with all-inclusive access to a wide range of features, tools, and resources tailored for traders.
  • Cost-Efficient Exploration: Instead of spending extensively on individual resources, the membership offers an economical way to explore and utilize everything Ninjacators has to offer.
  • Guided Learning: With the Fast Track Membership, members benefit not just from the tools but also from structured guidance, ensuring they maximize the potential of the platform and its resources.


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