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Volatility Super Trend

Volatility Trend Indicator Helps You Find Profitable Trade Locations Quicker

Powerful Blend of Volatility Signals and Trend Direction Reveals Big Profits


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Why you'll love Volatility Super Trend Indicator...

The Volatility Super Trader blends the power of volatility signals and trend direction to reveal volatility contradictions and the market’s reactions to them so you see where the most profitable entries, exits, and stop placements are.

Trend direction and volatility signals combined into one volatility trend indicator quickly and easily give you greater clarity as to where profitable trading locations are.

The Volatility Super Trend Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Easily detect the trend direction so you can quickly find the most profitable entries/exit points, stop placements
  • At-a-glance knowledge of long and short trades with simple color-coded arrow signals
  • See chart volatility and trend direction together to reveal volatility contradictions and trend reactions for trading transparency you can act on now
  • Customize how you get alerts including colors, type of trades, period parameters etc. so you don’t miss a moment of a great trade
  • Works with the market analyzer to scan any markets quickly and conveniently for you for instant, actionable info
  • Compatible with all markets and all timeframes
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Wield the power of volatility signals and trend direction so you can clearly spot the profitable trading locations quickly with this volatility trend indicator.

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