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Chandelier Stop

Chandelier Stop Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Increases Profits on Stock Swing Trading with Smarter Moving Averages

Stay in Profitable Trades as Long as the Benefit Remains with Chandelier Stop Indicator

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Why you'll love Chandelier Stop Indicator...

You know that feeling when you wish you could just lick all the frosting off the plate after eating a piece of cake? Your manners prevent you, of course, but that won’t stop you from employing your fork to do the job anyway. The Chandelier Stop Indicator allows you to stay in a trend as long as it’s profitable and never have to leave any profits behind.

The Reaction Signal Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . .

  • Stay in strong trending markets longer with stop order set to stop once volatility starts to decrease
  • Never lose out on potential profits with stops on preset markers
  • Increase profits and decrease losses with smarter automation on your stop loss strategy
  • Find entry and exit signals that are good for long and short trading positions
  • Place stop loss orders based on reliable data from Le Beau and Elder
  • Add a smoothing option to your chart that filters out needless noise
  • Broaden your strategy using multiple time frames available from the moving average framework
  • Customize your output with custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Start using the Chandelier Stop Indicator now so you can stay in profitable trades longer without adding to your losses.

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