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Event Recordings: The Ninjacators 5 Day Trade Setup Workshop 11/28/21 – 12/03/21

Get ACESS to our LIVE EVENT RECORDINGS for the Partner Workshop we did with our friends over at Apex Trade Funding.

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Get ACCESS to all 5 DAY WORKSHOP LIVE recordings and trade setup guides. 

THIS EVENT already happened and only the recordings are available. 

Ninjacators + Apex Trader Funding 5 Day Online Trade Setup Workshop

Your Hands On Way To Learn High-Profit Trade Setups You Can Enter & Win With Everyday

In just five 1-hour LIVE sessions on Zoom, we're going to help
you understand how to immediately boost your trading
income. With 4 high-profit, indicator-free trade setups for your favorite markets... and ensure you leave with a step-by-step
profit plan you can implement...

And rest easy if you miss a live session. You get full video recordings after each day!

Quick Note: Co-hosting this workshop with us is our good friend John Skelton from Apex
Trader Funding. Where we'll both share our best setups for ANY Futures market. You
will not get another chance to learn all 4 setups at this price again.

The truth is, the major reason Futures traders can’t make consistent money from their trading?

Lack of Proven, High-Profit Trade Setups...

And even more than that…
Many day traders either use hope and luck… hours of analysis, or just 1-2 unreliable trade setups to try to trade.
Right now, it’s time to be smart about this trade setup thing.
Because when you are, your profits get dramatically bigger (and more consistent).
All of us here at Ninjacators have a combined 70 years of successful trading experience. Including institutional trading for some of the largest bond desks and crude oil hedge funds in the world.

John Skelton has been the head of operations with Apex Investing Institute and now Apex Trader Funding for the past eight years. He is a trader himself as well as a trade educator, with a focus on high-probability setups and trading mentality. John has a background in banking and as a licensed stockbroker. He will be a great addition to the Workshops, sharing his trading ideas and how to identify important levels and trade locations in the markets.
And now, after we here at Ninjacators have helped over 50,000 traders prosper faster on NinjaTrader®, and John helping traders use trading mentality to find high-probability setups...

We’re sharing 4 of our most prized, indicator-free trade setups that work time and time again in today's Futures markets.

The truth is… I also want you to implement these 

trade setups, because they’re so powerful.


Most traders need to know how they work
AND they need a step-by-step trade execution
plan so they can implement it.

Now, I’m going to be totally upfront and honest with you.

I want to work with you, either in our Signal Lab Program or through my mentorship.

However, as we both know… Those who understand how something will work for them, will take action much more quickly.

Which is why we developed…

In this 5-day intensive workshop, we're going to go through everything
you need to know for implementing this arsenal of FOUR real-world,
high-profit trade setups, in the most detail we’ve ever given publicly

outside any of our high-end $5-$15K+ private coaching programs.

By the end of this workshop, across 5 days, you’re going to learn 2 core very important things:

1) Intimate knowledge and understanding of 4 powerful trade setups, with a 2:1 reward-to-risk trading edge, you can easily enter and win any market you want… without needing a single indicator. 


2) A real-world daily profit plan that you’ll develop with us, each and every one of
the 5 days that we spend together.

We’ve developed this so we can create a level of understanding, direction, clarity and certainty for
your daily trading.

Because, when you don’t have enough high-profit
trade setups you trust in your favorite markets... 

  • Your trading is on a roller- coaster, each and every day…
  • You spend more time tinkering and fussing with indicators than making money…
  • You can’t enter trades at the right time because you’re afraid…
  • You hate the feast or famine of winning and losing (and giving back profits)…
  • You can’t make good choices…
  • And it’s easy to become an emotional wreck, even start revenge trading, as you chase the market buying and selling at the worst possible times.

Further, you know because you look around and see... that there’s an intellectual, proven way to profitably trade with a trading edge, that doesn't involve just analyzing dozens of indicators every day.

More than anyone else, we want to help you quickly 

gain the same trust we have in these 4 high-profit 

(non-indicator) trade setups... To easily enter & win 

with them in your favorite markets, too.  

Because we know how good it feels to have high-profit trade setups

that can quickly grow your trading income — so you can do

what you want, when you want in life…

And, it’s possible for you too..

Ninjacators + Apex Trader Funding 5 Day Online Trade Setup Workshop

So, we're inviting you to get in on this online workshop… which right now, is just $97

(and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, you can get a refund…)

Here’s just some of what we're going to be showing you each day…

[DAY 1] with Kyle Kinne


Turning Small Bullish And Bearish Rallies Into
Outsized Winners - with bonus autoplot tool ($497 value)!

  • Why gravity lines are so important and how to use the key price action from small bullish & bearish rallies to easily hop aboard 15-40+ tick winners with low to no heat.
  • How to spot exactly where to enter that makes it impossible for you to show up late.
  • The 3-step process to find each day’s gravity lines, NO MATTER WHAT MARKET YOU TRADE.
  • The crucial step to take right after your first high-profit gravity line winner, to have a 75% chance of adding another big winner a few ticks later.
  • How to ensure that you only take trades with a minimum 2:1 REWARD-to-risk ratio, with the gravity line's idiot-proof visual price targets.
  • How to automatically protect yourself from getting suckered into chasing the market beyond the proven profit zones of what the gravity lines tell you.
  • A totally unorthodox way to turn the gravity line’s 2:1 trading edge into a 4:1 trading edge. Without taking a single penny more risk.
  • When you can “get away” with using bigger stops — and exactly how often you should do it for maximum impact.
  • Plus… how the gravity lines reveal everything you need to know to enter your trades, without stressing over having to enter the first tick.

In total, on day one we’re going to make sure you can easily locate Gravity Lines -- with one-click simplicity -- for your favorite market and time frames. And unlock the simple price action triggers to enter and exit with full confidence and maximum profits. With one of our all-time favorite, non-indicator trade setups.

[DAY 2] with John Skelton


Taking Advantage Of A Fatal Flaw In RSI Signals. For Effortless 2:1 Reward-To-Risk Trades -- with bonus stop & target tool ($497 value)!

  • Discover John’s never shared setup to consistently exploit RSI overbought and oversold signals (and the default NinjaTrader volatility indicator you should use, with 1 minor tweak, instead).
  • What Neo dodging bullets in slow motion in the Matrix + John’s unique ‘volatility filter’ can teach you about consistently profiting from volatility. 
  • The only candlestick you ever need to ever spot to confidently pull the trigger on 3-5 low-risk, high-reward volatility trades a session. For S&P 500, NASDAQ, Gold and Crude Oil (pro-tip: watch all four markets like John will show you and you too can quadruple your daily opportunities). 
  • An unusual ‘back door’ way of getting the same 75% win rate with 2:1 reward-to-risk ratios as John’s brand new students!
  • The two best time frames for capturing the most profits from volatility (Hint: most traders screw this up by only using one of them!).
  • At last -- the no-brainer way even a 10-yr-old can spot volatility divergence for more wins and even bigger profits.
  • Plus… our proprietary click-and-draw position, stop and target tool. For supreme confidence when to get in and out of every volatility trigger setup trade. Simply activate with any hotkey you want. Amazing!

In short, you’re going to know exactly how to stop getting fooled by RSI, and start using trading volatility the smart, consistently profitable way. With a new trading edge that works for you under any conditions. And no doubt earns its place on your charts as one of your most trusted go-to setups.

[DAY 3] with Kyle Kinne


A Radical New Way To Profit From Three Institutional Reversals That Happen Every Single Day Like Clockwork In The ES And NQ.

  • Why most amateur day traders’ woeful lack of understanding multi-timeframe market structures creates an unique opportunity for anyone (even new traders) to predictably pocket 10, 20, even 40 predictable points from their mistakes. 3 glorious times a day!
  • A surprising new way to use an old default NinjaTrader indicator to alert you when each of the reversals are getting ready to run over the ignorant -- and cash in for those in the know 🙂
  • Beware of this common reversal mistake with Doji candles -- you’ll discover how to avoid it so you can use tighter stops without getting whipsawed out.
  • No more reversal trade entry & exit guesswork! Just watch for Kyle’s simple entry trigger on the unique 30-min and 3-second chart he’ll teach you to create to cash in like clockwork.
  • The counter-intuitive number of contracts traded on your 30-minute bar charts that confirms it’s ‘go-time’ on your 3-second charts! Use this intel like Kyle shows -- and you’ll avoid getting swatted to the sidelines while the market runs without you.
  • Plus, the bonus 4th institutional reversal. It only happens an average of twice a week -- but when it does, it gives us a 92% win rate. We’ll show you exactly how you can expect the same!

In total, you’re going to know how to stop tripping over these obvious winners, and start converting them to impressive 10, 20, even 40 point predictable payouts. In fact, this setup is so easy and profitable, it could become your favorite indicator-free setup of them all.

[DAY 4] with John Skelton


The #1 Way Pro Traders Turn Volume Spikes Into Reliable Winners -- While The Amateurs Get Suckered Into Buying The High And Selling The Low

  • The dead-simple way to finally master the art and science of putting yourself on the right side of each day’s biggest moves -- Absolute game-changer if you’re not making the consistent profits you want!
  • The simple, yet crucial line you must draw from volume spikes if you want to consistently nail your entries at key levels. 
  • Revealed: What pro traders know about volume spikes in MICROS that signal a whale trade is coming in your favorite E-mini with freaky accuracy.
  • John’s closely guarded H/L + TL + CCI Divergence formula. You’ve likely gotten punished by this formula 1,000 times on your charts. Now, you’ll know how to reverse engineer it in 3 simple steps to your advantage. 
  • Why pro traders pray you’ll keep looking to outdated RSI indicators after a volume spike to find “over-bought” and “over-sold” locations. And the only default (far more reliable) indicator Kyle recommends you trust instead.
  • If you think volume spikes happen too fast to reliably profit from, think again! You’re about to learn the idiot-proof shortcut any trader can rely on every time they happen.
  • Plus... step-by-step instructions on how to ethically use volume spikes in any MICRO market (from MES, MNQ to MCG and MCL, even the new Micro-bonds) to take advantage of all the clueless noobs flooding those markets right now. 

In short, this is the perfect setup for every serious Futures trader who wants to watch their equity curve rapidly grow. Time and again, you’ll surprise yourself with the simple ease (and frankly, fun) of eliminating FOMO. Because now, you’ll be one of the savvy few cashing in on volume spikes created by institutional feeding frenzies.

[DAY 5] with Kyle Kinne and John Skelton


You'll Get Our #1 Non-Indicator Tool That Saves You Time And Makes You Money. Plus Daily Profit Plans For All Setups & Next Steps

  • How a $297 non-indicator tool we use every trade can put an extra $800-$1,200 a month in your pocket. Even more if you make more than 10 trades trades a day. We love to find cool ways to thank traders for their time and business. That's why this tool is Yours Free for attending the workshop.
  • Ensuring you know all the price action entry triggers for each of the 4 trade setups. So you’re crystal clear on how to trade each one your next session.
  • The fastest way to boost your win rate with all 4 setups, without sacrificing their 2:1 reward to risk trading edge. (Do this even 'half' right and you'll be amazed how at the size of your winners)
  • Ensuring you "know in your bones" exactly where to always place your stops away from danger, and where to place your targets with all 4 setups.
  • Plus… some really great bonuses to let the 4 trade setups embed their good, high-profit trading habits deep into your brain. For much more efficient, and happy trading every time you flip on your charts.

In short, John and Kyle are going to ensure that you understand exactly how to put all the pieces together for each trade setup, and the next steps. So that no matter where you are in your trading you know how to successfully trade them in your favorite markets. Plus give you a secret bonus tool, just because you're awesome.

And… in order to support you we're

also going to be giving you...

Personalized Recommendation (Priceless)
Where at the end of the workshop, we will tell you exactly what you should do next and what makes the most sense based on where you are in your trading career.

ebook circle workshop apex ninjacators

The 4 Trade Setup Cheat Sheets ($147 value)
To make learning and executing the 4 high profit trade setups even easier, you'll get PDF cheat sheets for each trade setup! Perfect for saving time taking notes during the workshop, and for peace of mind you won't miss important steps when trading them.

Our Advanced Drawing Tool Suite ($297 value)
None of the trade setups we'll teach you rely on indicators. But Craig and I will be gifting everyone who attends our advanced drawing tool suite. That we use every day to slash our daily prep time for each trade setup down to 2-3 minutes. This is not the SECRET BONUS tool you get on day 5 (that's another gift!)



And we're making it accessible to anyone, because we 
believe everyone should have this...

Last time we held a trade setup workshop like this, over
600 Futures traders registered...

Here's just some of what happened inside...

Ninjacators + Apex Trader Funding 5 Day Online Trade Setup Workshop

Ready to invest in yourself?

And rest easy if you miss a live session. You get full video recordings after each day!

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Us in The Workshop...

5 days of Daily Live Interactive Trade Setup Training Via ZOOM: 60-90 minutes daily live training from Kyle Kinne and Craig Hill. Starting at 2:00pm EST each day. As well as a VIP Access option you can choose at checkout to trade the prior day's trade setup with Kyle at 7:30am EST, pre-cash market open the next day ($997 value)

The High Profit Trade Setup Workshop Recordings: After each session, we'll post a video in your private members area. You can go back anytime and review every aspect of the 5 high-profit, indicator-free setups and daily profit plan. To help you execute in your favorite markets if you miss a live session, or anytime you want to review! ($497 value)

The Advanced Drawing Tools BONUS GIFT: Everyone who attends the workshop will get the exact same advanced drawing tool suite Kyle and John use to prep the 4 non-indicator setups. So you too can slash your daily prep time for each trade setup down to 2-3 minutes. ($297 value) This is NOT the SECRET BONUS tool we're giving you on day 5 (that's another gift!)

Seats Are Limited: For This Hands-On Training
We Will Never Be Offering Again At This Price

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You missed out!

And rest easy if you miss a live session. You get full video recordings after each day!

Ninjacators and Apex Trader Funding Workshop Schedule November / December 21

How It Works

Each day during the workshop we'll be LIVE on ZOOM. All you have to do is head over to Zoom at the time of the session and we'll be there streaming (don't worry, we'll send you the link and reminders too).

During the 60-90 minute sessions, Kyle and John will go in-depth on the each of the 4 high-profit trade setups, including price action entry triggers, stops and exits. While helping you create each setup on your chart too!

Engage with Kyle and John by asking questions in Zoom chat. 
Where, when one is teaching, the other will be monitoring the live chat, and making sure you get feedback on a few of the most common questions at the end of each session. If you want more personal attention, and to trade each prior day's setup with Kyle and Craig the next morning, be sure to choose the "VIP Access" option during checkout.

And if you can't make 1 or more of the sessions, don't worry! Each session is recorded and will get posted to your private member's area the next morning. Go back at your own pace and review anything you missed (or watch it again!).

By the end of the workshop, you will have all the support and training you need to leave with the understanding of how to enter and win with each of the the 4 trade setups in your favorite markets. 
Plus, our recommendation for your next best step.

Who's Hosting & Teaching

Your Workshop?

Your high profit trade setup workshop is hosted by Ninjacators. Since 2008 we've helped over 50,000 traders prosper faster on the NinjaTrader® platform. Developing over 450 innovative indicators. And nearly 100 unique strategies with a proven trading edge. All based on our combined 70 years of successful institutional and retail trading experience.

Your high profit setup Futures trader & trainer is Kyle Kinne. He first found quick success in Forex. Then a few years after discovering Futures was able to leave his management position with Tesla to trade full-time and teach traders his methods. Since joining Ninjacators in 2008, he's trained over 15,000 traders through his videos and private mentoring.

John Skelton Apex Trader headshot

Your other high profit Futures trader & trainer is our good friend John Skelton from Apex Trader. Fresh from leaving his career in the U.S. Navy, he spent 7 years creating bulletproof setups for the S&P 500/ES and Crude Oil he could win with every day. Soon, others were hounding him to learn his S&P 500/ES and CL methods. Since opening his trading room 10 years ago, he's helped thousands of students grow their equity curves and income. Including helping 36 students become full-time traders at prestigious prop firms.

Ninjacators + Apex Trader Funding 5 Day Online Trade Setup Workshop

Let's Get You The High Profit Trade Setups You Can Trust... To
Boost Your Income

In Just 5 Days!

In just five 1-hour LIVE sessions on Zoom, we're going to help you understand how to immediately boost your trading income. With 4 high-profit, indicator-free trade setups for your favorite markets... and ensure you leave with a step-by-step profit plan you can implement...

And rest easy if you miss a live session. You get full video recordings after each day, so you can watch anytime you want!

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