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  • Event Recordings: The Ninjacators 5 Day Trade Setup Workshop 06/06/2022 – 06/10/2022

Event Recordings: The Ninjacators 5 Day Trade Setup Workshop 06/06/2022 – 06/10/2022


Event Recordings available for our 5 Day Online Trade Setup Workshop with Michael Valtos from OrderFlows.com

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This EVENT has ended, but you can still purchase access to our Live Event Recordings:

Get access to the Recordings of our 5 Day Trade Setup Workshop. See below the Setups taught in this special 5 Day Workshop. 

[DAY 1] with Craig Hill & Kyle Kinne


Profiting From Trapped Traders Alongside The Institutions

  • How the Flip Trap Setup frees you from having to watch order flows until your eyes bleed, in order to pocket consistent winners with the smart institutional money.
  • The surprising trade level you’ve never thought to watch, that trapped traders park 1000s of long and short stops on. Which institutional whales will gorge on like a helpless school of Krill.
  • The 2 parts of Flip Trap Setups you can use to know which levels on your normal indicator setups will almost always get respected (or not).
  • Showing you the most effective implementation of the Flip Trap both in long and short setups across multiple time frames.
  • The surprising way order flow, and even volume profile indicators, force you to miss these explosive Flip Trap long and short opportunities. (And nope, you won’t have to do anything more than take a quick peek at a simple 2 candle patterns to cash in on any time frame).
  • Giving you multiple price action entry triggers that keep you immune to global market and economic noise.
  • Plus... the spooky accurate (and easy) way to find Flip Trap Levels even with your normal indicator-based setups. Don't be surprised if this beats the pants off your normal entry and exit analysis methods.  

In short, you’re going to learn how to use The Flip Trap Setup to profit from panicky trapped traders. So you too can scoop up impressive winners right along side the smart money, without analyzing charts till your eyes bleed.

[DAY 2] with Michael Valtos


The Cash-Rich Way Anyone Can Grab Fast 2:1 Reward-To-Risk Payouts From Continuation Trades.

  • Discover Mike’s little-known continuation trade secrets that can steer you to tremendous 2:1 winners scalping any 1-min chart.
  • How to 'reversal-proof' your entries by looking for Mike's 'price reset pinbar' pattern. Bonus: it even acts like a double confirmation to go ahead and pull the trigger!
  • 3 ways to tell if your trade location is about to fail — before you even enter.
  • How to avoid being the sucker that institutions try to trick, trap and blindside with sudden price swings.
  • How to easily and effortlessly scale this setup to grow a small account fast. Perfect for micros!
  • Mike’s stress-free strategies to get the same 65% win rate he does. Without having to use massive stop losses.
  • Plus, Mike’s Reset Scalper setup PDF — The step-by-step playbook you can use each session to pull the trigger on the chart setups Mike shows you.

Bottom line:  If you love the thrill of winning, you’ll love how scalping like Mike shows you can consistently flood your account with way more winners, way more often.

[DAY 3] with Craig Hill & Kyle Kinne


Your Easiest & Safest Way To Profit From Aggressive Buy-Ups And Sell-Offs

  • Understand exactly the 3 different reactions all traders make to aggressive buy-ups and sell-offs. You won’t believe how easily knowing this lets you pocket 50+ tick winners.
  • Want even more winners? Then trade just the obvious “early stages” of exhaustion reactions. For the easiest 30+ tick winners ever to fill up your account.
  • How a simple tweak to the Exhaustion Reaction setup allows you to combine it with any of the other 4 setups. For an all-day-long trading edge. Even in markets you’ve never traded.
  • How to ensure you avoid getting seduced and induced into aggressive buy-ups and sell-offs, so you can calmly cash in on dumb money over-reactions.
  • How to build a bulletproof profit connection between your stops and profit targets to ensure at least a 2:1 REWARD-to-risk payout on every trade.
  • Plus… everything you need to know to spot developing Exhaustion Reaction Setups 3, even 5 ticks before they happen.

In short, you’re going to know how to stop tripping over these obvious winners, and start converting them to 50+ tick payouts. In fact, this setup is so easy and profitable, it could become your favorite indicator-free setup of them all.

[DAY 4] with Michael Valtos


A New ‘Twist’ To Bagging Bigger Profits From Breakout Waves. On Any 30-Second To Daily Chart.

  • How Mike's accidental discovery of 'market riptides', when he was trading for institutions — can transform your breakout trade results, almost overnight!
  • The real reason so many traders fail to make money with Fibonacci levels on breakouts. And what to use with them instead.
  • Mike's 'can't miss' way to safely make more money in breakout waves with trailing stops. Once you see this, you may never use static stops again!
  • The step-by-step way anyone can rip off 2, 3, even 4 fat breakout wave winners in a row. Feels like pure magic, and easy too!
  • A simple 3-second 'trick' that lets you know — at a glance — if there's a market riptide at your trade location, or not. Slashes losses!
  • A secret pre-breakout pattern on your chart — that instantly removes any guesswork on timing both your entries and exits!
  • Plus, Mike’s step-by-step PDF playbook on how to execute everything he'll show you in the workshop. Priceless!

In short… you’re going to finally know how to profitably trade those breakouts that used to drive you crazy. With a powerful strategy only a lucky few have ever seen.

[DAY 5] with Craig Hill, Kyle Kinne & Michael Valtos


You'll Get Our #1 Non-Indicator Tool That Saves You Time And Makes You Money. Plus Daily Profit Plans For All Setups & Next Steps

  • How a $297 non-indicator tool we use every trade can put an extra $800-$1,200 a month in your pocket. Even more if you make more than 10 trades trades a day. We love to find cool ways to thank traders for their time and business. That's why this tool is Yours Free for attending the workshop.
  • Ensuring you know all the price action entry triggers for each of the 4 trade setups. So you’re crystal clear on how to trade each one your next session.
  • The fastest way to boost your win rate with all 4 setups, without sacrificing their 2:1 reward to risk trading edge. (Do this even 'half' right and you'll be amazed how at the size of your winners)
  • Ensuring you "know in your bones" exactly where to always place your stops away from danger, and where to place your targets with all 4 setups.
  • Plus… some really great bonuses to let the 4 trade setups embed their good, high-profit trading habits deep into your brain. For much more efficient, and happy trading every time you flip on your charts.

In short, Craig, Kyle and Michael are going to ensure that you understand exactly how to put all the pieces together for each trade setup, and the next steps. So that no matter where you are in your trading you know how to successfully trade them in your favorite markets. Plus give you a secret bonus tool, just because you're awesome.


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