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VIX Fix Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Measures Risk for Options Investing Using Volatility

Measure Risk, Fear, and Market Stress with VIX Fix Indicator

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Why you'll love Vix Fix...

The sun may shine; the water may be warm. But oblivious beach goers may not know about a dangerous rip current that threatens to change their day at the beach. Likewise, the market has some psychological undercurrents that influence trading as much as any set of numbers. The Volatility Index Fix Indicator measures risk, fear, and stress so you can predict how that might affect the way things play out.

The VIX Fix Indicator allows you to . . .  

  • Measure how close the current market price is to the lowest price of the last few weeks to find the market bottom
  • Discern the level of risk, fear, and stress in the market and anticipate how that might influence your wins
  • Spot uptrends when the close is near the high
  • See downtrends quickly when prices close near the low
  • Gain insight into trader behavior and sentiment during financial stress and complacency
  • See patterns in a very unpredictable element of the market
  • Go beyond the numbers and see price volatility implied by the option markets (not actual historical volatility) for abstract assessment of the market
  • Use all the features of the oscillator framework including custom bar types
  • Apply to multiple time frames for a broader view of your strategy
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Measure risk, fear, and stress in the market that influences how the numbers play out and the rate of your profit growth with the CBOE VIX Fix Indicator.

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