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Trend Line Trader

Customize & Automate in One Trend Line Indicator for Options Day Trading

Automated Momentum Trend Line Indicator with Street Smarts


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Why you'll love Trend Line Trader Indicator...

Countless doomsday movies are all you need to know that without the human element, computers might destroy the world. That’s why you’ll love the Trend Line Trader. It offers you automation but also allows you to use your street smarts to customize according to your own methods so you never miss big trades.

Find out how you can quickly and easily find reversal setups and continuations for an endless supply of great trades.

The Trend Line Trader Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Automatically place entry orders along a trend line so you don’t miss entering with perfect timing
  • Trade any market or timeframe to max you profits when acceleration or deceleration of the trend occur
  • NinjaTrader ATM to bring your strategy to life for trading success
  • Draw trend lines according to your own methodology that when triggered, automatically enter your order
  • Buy and sell upper and lower trend lines in the market for profits from both short and long trades
  • Use two different types of orders (market or limit) so you dictate the order strategy
  • Set offsets however you like, even negative offsets, so you make the most of excellent conditions
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Automate your trading but keep the ability to customize and fine tune your approach with the Trend Line Trader, trend line indicator.

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