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Trend Channel #1 Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Decreases Risk for Forex Investing Using Moving Averages

Safely Trade in the Channel so You Don’t Miss Out on Potential Profits

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Why you'll love Trend Channel #1...

Remember the boy who cried wolf? It’s too easy to fall for the cries of the market when you’re worried about losses. The Trend Channel #1 Indicator helps you see where real risk is without leaving behind potential profits when you get out too early.

The Trend Channel #1 Indicator gives you the ability to . . .  

  • Find dynamic support and resistance in the market to define the boundaries of safe trades
  • Define overall trend depending on where price is in relation to the channel so you see opportunities faster
  • See uptrends and downtrends with at-a-glance understanding of where the market sits and what’s up next
  • Keep your trades safely in the trend channel to decrease risk
  • Avoid getting out of a trend too soon so you can max your profits
  • Apply all the features of the moving average framework for even more refined data
  • Use on any time frame for an expanded view of your strategy
  • Customize your data and include custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Trade safely in the zone for low-risk trades that max your profits with the Trend Channel #1 Indicator.

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