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S&P Technicals

Price Line Indicator Reveals Key Trade Locations

Plan for Smarter Entries, Targets, and Stops Ahead of Time

This price line indicator helps you plan for smarter entries, targets, and stops ahead of time so you can predict your next big move using support and resistance.

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Day Trading
Analysis Method
Support and Resistance

Why you'll love S&P Technicals Indicator...

Never be at a loss for solid trade locations, entries, targets, and stops on the S&P with price lines plotted directly on your chart that help you plan your strategy for the day with our price line indicator.

The S&P Technicals Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Generate key trade locations ahead of time so you can prepare your trading plan for the day
  • Plot colored lines that reference price that the market returns to over and over so you can predict your next move
  • Get audio alerts when the market hits price lines at potential entries, targets, and stops, and never miss the big opportunities
  • See 20+ technical points based on market generated information to help you make smarter trades
  • Plan and execute your strategy with data that begins with the prior day’s close and is finalized with the opening tick of the current day session
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Make smarter entries, targets, stops, and find the best trade locations of the day with this price line indicator: S&P Technicals.

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