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Smart Volume Delta

Smart Volume Delta Indicator Detects Reversals

Multiple Perspectives Reveals Opportunities At-a-Glance

Find volume direction and spot reversals easily with multiple perspectives on volume delta data. A smarter volume delta indicator can launch your opportunities.

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Why you'll love Smart Volume Delta Indicator...

Determine market sentiment bar by bar or for the overall session with volume delta data. Spot smarter reversal trades at-a-glance and launch your profitability with the Smart Volume Delta indicator.

The Smart Volume Delta Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Determine volume direction to find reversal opportunities
  • Detect short-term volume imbalances that you can turn for a profit
  • Shows net delta for individual bars at the top of the bar for tick-by-tick tracking that can reveal trade locations
  • Displays bar delta heat map at the bottom of the chart that shows direction and their magnitude with customizable color coding for a close view of the action
  • Shows session delta heat map at the bottom of the chart that tracks cumulative delta from when you started your session so you can spot overall trend and change in direction (reversal trades)
  • Audio alerts for possible reversals in the market
  • Works on any chart, timeframe, or market
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Determine market sentiment using volume delta data to gain insight from multiple perspectives and turn that insight into profit with the Smart Volume Delta indicator.

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