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Profile Box

Volume Profile Indicator Predicts Future Long & Short Entries

Historical Data Defines Support & Resistance for Lucrative Entries You Can See Coming

Use this volume profile indicator to nudge historical data out of your chart that defines support and resistance for big future.

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Why you'll love Profile Box...

Use this volume profile indicator to define a volume period that helps you find support and resistance levels. Pinpoint key moments in the market so you can make smarter, more lucrative trades.

The Profile Box Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Draw a custom period box on your chart to create volume profile data the moment you start using it.
  • Use historical data to pinpoint key moments in the market that help you find long and short entries
  • Automatically calculate POC and max volume and value areas high and low that can act as support and resistance for future interests
  • Define moments in the market that will become important in the future for smarter, more lucrative trades
  • Draw more than one volume profile on the same chart to multiply your data
  • Get audio alerts when POC or max volume is crossed so you know when key moments happen in the market
  • Works on any chart type, timeframe, and market
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Use a custom defined period to detect volume-based support and resistance levels with this volume profile indicator. The historical data helps you find key moments that will guide your future successful trading. Download today!

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