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Position Volume Profile

Rock Position Management with Volume Profile Indicator

Concrete Data from Position Stats Keeps You in the Clear

Gather concrete data and manage your position with ease based on volume and the support of position stats with the Position Volume Profile indicator.

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Why you'll love Position Volume Profile...

Manage your position using volume and determine the best trade locations based on position statistics, including POC, NET Delta, cumulative volume, and more. Try this volume profile indicator today!

The Position Volume Profile Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Manage your position using volume rather than price for brilliant volume trading
  • Track your position, NOT the market position so you can make smarter trades and boost your profitability
  • Produce position statistics like position POC, position net delta, position cumulative volume, and position volume profile that you can manage your position with
  • Track data from the moment you enter your position on a price ladder at the right side of your chart, including: total contracts at price, NET Delta, position POC, and a summation of the overall data
  • Link to your Chart Trader to automatically start and stop data collection according to your specifications
  • Use POC as a support and resistance level so you can use it as a trailing stop
  • Use all data together to inform the best trade locations and exits
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Determine the best trade locations based on the concrete data of position statistics so you can make smarter trades with the Volume Profile Indicator

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