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Period Bars

High Low Indicator Shows Bullish & Bearish Period Patterns Right on Your Chart

A New Perspective on the Market Leads to Quicker Action


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Why you'll love Period Bars Indicator...

Understand the whys behind the market with this high low indicator that shows highs and lows of any period right on your chart and exactly how much the highs and lows are. It's a smarter way to gain the perspective you need to act quickly on the right opportunities.

The Period Bars Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Display the high and low of your desired period on the top and bottom of the shaded box within any timeframe you choose
  • See highs and lows of any configurable period easily on your chart for a smarter way to find the patterns that spell success
  • Depict the net change during that period with easy-to-see green or red shading representing a positive or negative change
  • Adjust the period to be of any length you want to track to suit your strategy
  • Lets you view a whole new perspective on the market that makes the best trades clear
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

This high low indicator is the smartest way for you to see the highs and lows of any period you want right on the chart. Gain a totally new perspective that helps you spot bullish and bearish trends. Download today!

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