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Momentum Continuation Entry

Breakout Indicator Finds “Sweet Spot” Trades

Momentum Continuations and Breakouts that Produce the Best Entries of the Day


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Why you'll love Momentum Continuation Entry Indicator...

Find sweet-spot trading locations with the help of Bollinger Bands that identify momentum continuations and the breakouts that allow you to act early on the best trades with this breakout indicator for NinjaTrader.

Quickly spot the most profitable breakout and breakdown signals so you can act on the best trades in any market!

The Momentum Continuation Entry Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Spot the lucrative breakout signals and act early to max your profits
  • Accurately determine where the major support and resistance levels are so you can avoid sudden market reversal stop outs
  • Calculate multiple data points like momentum, stochastic, and price action so you can generate more trade signals
  • Plot high-probability entry signals directly on your chart so you can quickly spot the opportunities that will succeed
  • Find excellent entry signals with the help of up to 10 different proprietary market volatility calculations using Bollinger Bands
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Be the first to profitable breakout and breakdown signals so you can cash in on the best trade scenarios with this breakout indicator.

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