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Floor Trader Pivots

Pivot Point Indicator Lets You Plan Your Trades Ahead of Time

Get a jump on the market with this pivot point indicator that plots 20+ pivot points that act as support and resistance for entries, targets, and position management.


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Support and Resistance

Why you'll love Floor Trader Pivots...

This pivot point indicator gives you key turning points in the market that help you determine your moves early in the day with 20+ market-based pivot points plotted right to your chart.

The Floor Trader Pivots Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Find pivot points using the same techniques and calculations floor traders and locals use
  • See key moments in the market ahead of time so you can prepare your trading plan based on the best trade locations plotted right on your chart
  • Identify strong areas of support and resistance so you can make great money scalping the market
  • Begin with the close of the prior trading session and use the opening tick of the current session to calculate pivots for reliable data
  • See 20+intraday pivot points based on market generated information you can use to get ahead
  • Plot colored lines for each pivot point that are referenced to price
  • Get audio alerts whenever trade locations are crossed
  • Works on all chart types and instruments in all timeframes; especially good for futures and stock market
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Get key turning points in the market that help you determine the smartest moves ahead of time using the same pivot points and techniques floor traders use. Find entries, targets and manage your position like a pro with this pivot point indicator.

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