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Dynamic Fractals

Fractal Indicator Generates Trend Lines that Define Trades

Key Swing Highs & Lows Help You Find Trade Locations Easily

Find better entries, targets, breakouts, continuations, and more with the varied calculations of this fractal indicator based on key swing highs and lows.

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Why you'll love Dynamic Fractals Indicator...

These trend lines calculated with key swing highs or lows right on your chart help you find opportunities for profits in many different ways. This fractal indicator reveals potential entries, exits, targets, and more.

The Dynamic Fractals Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Analyze the market on multiple timeframes to find the best areas to plot trend lines (and find opportunities) based on key swing highs or lows
  • Find potential entries, exits, targets, or stops with the additional structure from the market data
  • Use the trend lines to find breakouts, continuations, or fades for even more profits
  • See the key swing high and low markers that inform the trend lines if you want to look for more insights
  • Works on any market, timeframe, or chart type
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Easily find more trade locations with fractal indicator calculations done and plotted for you that help you find entries, stops, targets, exits, and even breakouts or continuations you can trade for excellent profit.

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