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Daily Range Projection

Average Range Indicator Helps You Plan Profitable Moves

Planning for Success with Projected Daily Ranges

Plan your trading ahead of time and count on success with the projected ranges of this average range indicator.

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Why you'll love Daily Range Projection Indicator...

Plan your moves and make decisions early with the projected ranges of this average range indicator that gives you clear boundaries based on sound data for successful trading.

The Daily Range Projection Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Project the high and low expectations of the day based on previous volatility in the market so you can plan your trades early
  • Know where price is expected to go so you can function within clear boundaries
  • See high and low deviations, opening high to low, outside input (historical levels) right on the chart for additional data to help you make decisions
  • Adjust settings to suit your strategy and hone your data
  • Use this tool for trend confirmation or to use these levels as an area to fade in an extended market for solid profits
  • Works on any market, chart type, and timeframe
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Plan your trading early and stay within safe boundaries with the projected ranges of this average range indicator for NinjaTrader.

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