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Custom Connor RSI

Custom Connor RSI Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Brings Power to Options Day Trading Momentum

Make Good Short Term Decisions with Powerful Data

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Why you'll love Custom Connor RSI...

It’s obvious that a four-legged stool is more stable than a three-legged one. Same goes for your chart data. The more different types of data you have informing your chart, the more reliable it is, the better your decisions will be.

The Custom Connor RSI Indicator gives you the ability to . . . 

  • Make good short term trading decisions with triple the data combined for valuable, game-changing output (RSI, up/down length, ROC)
  • Find bullish and bearish trading opportunities in the market that harmonize your trading strategy
  • Rely on technical readings that show overbought and undersold conditions
  • Set stop loss levels at the prior high to protect your investments
  • Leverage the benefits of the oscillator framework and all its perks
  • Apply it to multiple time frames for more opportunities
  • Customize your output to your specs using any custom bar type
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Start making better short term decisions with the power of three different data points on the Custom Connor RSI Indicator.

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