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Contract Rollover

Rollover Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Helps Futures Swing Traders Achieve Strategic Price Action

Take the Wide View for Effortless Rollover Planning

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Why you'll love Contract Rollover...

Scotch must be aged for at least three years and taps out at about 20. Scotch aficionados know that the sweet spot is somewhere in between. Apply that same logic to your contract rollovers. The Rollover Indicator will help you find the sweet spot for swing trading.

The Rollover Indicator helps you to . . . 

  • View the next rollover date in the wide view for effortless planning
  • Change up the next contract date simply so you can stay ahead of your next rollover
  • Visual representation of futures expiration and contract roll
  • Offset current position and establish a new position right in the indicator
  • Customize settings for your next rollover date to help you keep track of what’s up next
  • Use colors that help keep you organized and aligned with your strategy
  • Set alerts that prompt you before rolling for expert management of your contracts
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Get effortless planning and organization in NinjaTrader for your rollovers and get big gains in swing trading. Start today!

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