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Chaikin Oscillator

Chaikin Oscillator Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Sheds Light on Options Day Trading Momentum

A Look Under the Hood of the Options Market with the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator


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Why you'll love Chaikin Oscillator Indicator...

To keep your car purring like a kitten, you need to make sure what’s under the hood looks as good as that shiny new paint job. Likewise, the health of your options needs a closer look so you can hum along on those profits.

The Chaikin Oscillator Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • See how supply and demand factors are influencing price so you can make smarter trades
  • Look at the strength of price moves and underlying buying and selling pressure in a time period so you can find the best entrances and exits
  • Anticipate trends with understanding of what’s going on under the surface
  • Stay ahead of the crowd when you pick up on signals from the Chaikin Oscillator
  • Judge the strength of a price trend and sidestep the frenzy of the buying and selling that influences it
  • Objectify the movement of the prices without getting caught up in trends that don’t pay
  • Use on multiple time frames and broaden your view of upcoming profits
  • Employ the power of the oscillator framework with custom bar types
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Get a peek under the hood on the market so you don’t get caught up in the buy and sell rush with the Chaikin Oscillator Indicator.

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