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Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator

Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Makes the Most Out of Futures Day Trading Using Momentum

See Trends Faster and Get the Most Out of the Situation with Accelerator Oscillator Indicator


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Why you'll love Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator Indicator...

Looking forward to a luscious cake on your next birthday? How would you feel if that cake had no frosting? Do we sense some disappointment? So why try to function in futures day trading with half done, disappointing trades? The AC Indicator is the frosting that will help you find a profitable situation quicker so you can enjoy the full glory of the trend.

The Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Benefit from the research of Bill Williams who believed that momentum will change before price so you can anticipate and be the first on the trend
  • See acceleration change, which indicates momentum change for an even better edge
  • Look at acceleration and momentum instead of just price data so you get a timing advantage
  • Predict bullish and bearish momentum before the price actually changes so you’ll be the first in the know
  • Identify trends sooner and get the most profit out of it
  • Take advantage of an early warning signal before a trend changes
  • Expand your reach with multi time frames capability with our oscillator framework
  • Use your custom bar types to filter the data even more and harmonize with your goals
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