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Bid Ask Momentum

See Momentum with New Eyes (using bid/ask or uptick/downtick data)

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Why you'll love Bid Ask Momentum Indicator...

You need to splash a little water on your face or rub your eyes a bit first thing in the morning before you can trust your eyes to see clearly. The Bid/Ask Momentum indicator is the refreshing splash to the face that gives you a clear visual on the market that helps you find the best long and short trades.

Get a clear visual on steller trades using bid/ask or uptick/downtick so you can anticipate your next big trade using the Bid/Ask Momentum Indicator.

The Bid Ask Momentum Indicator for NinjaTrader helps you . . . 

  • Use bid/ask or uptick/downtick information to create a momentum indicator that reveals the best long and short trade locations
  • See where the turning points and shifts in momentum are so you can anticipate where the good trades are
  • Detect areas where buying and selling volume is shifting to get in early and never leave money on the table
  • Use peaks (not just shifts) in the momentum as signals so you can get ahead of the shift and enter for max profits
  • Use on any chart, timeframe, or market for a broad strategy with substantial profits
30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Clear your vision with bid/ask and uptick/downtick info so you can anticipate your next big move.

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