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Learn How To Decode Hidden Institutional Order Flow Sequences… And You Too Can Go From Unprofitable To Profitable — Without Needing A High Win Rate!From: Ninjacators Traders TeamRE: The Next Evolution In Profitable Day TradingImagine…Having elite institutional traders, who create and control on average 91% of the daily volume in your markets, send you a […]

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Learn How To Decode Hidden Institutional Order Flow Sequences... And You Too Can Go From Unprofitable To Profitable -- Without Needing A High Win Rate!

From: Ninjacators Traders Team

RE: The Next Evolution In Profitable Day Trading


Having elite institutional traders, who create and control on average 91% of the daily volume in your markets, send you a private text...

Telling you exactly where and when they’re about to secretly buy up and slowly sell off multi-million dollar positions — before the rest of the market can react to what they are doing.  

And — because institutional traders hide their moves to get the best price — they also gave you a way to look inside each candle on your own chart to follow them in real time, every second of your trades...

As you execute profitable trade after profitable trade right alongside them.

Well, now you can...

“This Little Known Institutional Method For ‘Decoding’ Order Flow Sequences In Real Time Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Tried To Be Profitable”

It instantly slashes your risk in HALF on nearly every trade.

And, even in just your first few trades…

It potentially adds $1470, $1259, 1580, even $2195 extra in daily net profits.


Even $4000 to $6000 per trading session is common once you learn to decode order flow sequences in real time.


It even lets you day trade, scalp or swing trade in any futures or stock market you want. Using the same institution-grade training and real-time order flow sequence intelligence as highly profitable institutional traders.

So you can quickly experience an immediate leap in confidence — and profits — as you decode the institutions’ covert moves to buy up and sell off millions in positions to get the best price.

order flow sequences

If you cannot decode hidden institutional volume controlling 90% of the daily volume in your markets — they will keep suckering you into buying the wrong side of the market.

“You Don’t Need Years Of Futures Trading Experience — Or A Massive
Account — To See Immediate Results”

Look guys, I started my trading career on the CME trading floor learning futures trading the ‘hard way’. After trading became electronic, I worked as a trader for Commerzbank, Cargill, and most recently, the last 8 years of my institutional trading career I worked for JP Morgan.

After leaving JP Morgan I started trading for myself, applying the same strategies, methods and tactics I have used for over 20+ years of my institutional trading career that made me a consistently profitable trader.

Now, for the first time, you have a chance to learn the secrets of an institutional futures trader you can start implementing in your trading right away…

With a short cut unheard of.

Because you’ll have institution-grade training and real-time tools to take profits 6-10 ticks ahead of all your competition. Who still rely on lagging indicators.

Which I’ll tell you more about in a minute.

In fact, we’ve helped over 1000 unprofitable traders — with accounts as small as $5,000 — start earning steady profits. Without the years of blood, sweat, tears and burned accounts it took others to learn!

“The Results Speak For Themselves…”

9 testimonials

As impressive as those results are, our method is not right for everyone.

Because first you have to understand...

“Why Using Normal Indicators Practically Begs Institutions To Steal Your Profits!”

FACT: Institutions create and control 90% of the daily volume in your market.

Those with institution-grade training & real-time tools to trade with them: win.  

Those with lagging indicators, and normal retail trader methods: lose.

That’s because volume always precedes price.

volume precedes price

Volume ALWAYS precedes price. Traders with the real-time tools and know-how to decode hidden institutional volume take profits 6-10 ticks ahead of those who don’t.

When you use lagging indicators (that are built to ‘indicate’ price or derivative of price) you can only see what the institutions DID — 6 to 10 ticks AFTER it happened.

Not what they are DOING right now!

Institutions and the High Frequency Trading Algorithms know indicators are blind to this. So to get the best price possible, they set price-based traps for your indicators to trick, trap & blindside you into buying the wrong side of the market — on nearly every trade!

This is the REAL REASON why:

  • You Second-Guess Trade Locations
  • You Flub Your Entries
  • You Place Risky Stops
  • You Bail On Profitable Trades Too Early
  • You Have Costly & Embarrassing Losing Streaks

And why Institutional Traders — NEVER RELY ON INDICATORS.

But here’s the good news:

Because of advances in day trading technology, you too can use the same real-time tools and training as highly profitable institutional traders. Without falling for the high-tech shenanigans of institutional and H.F.T. algorithm trade traps.

By learning to ‘Decode’ institutional order flow sequences, you can now take profits right alongside the monstrous movers and shakers in your markets. As they covertly buy up and sell off millions in positions to get the best price.

And finally have the same reliable, real-time system to earn a full-time income from your trading… that works like gangbusters for ordinary retail traders like you!

“Stop Struggling And Playing Around With Indicators And Retail Trader Methods That Aren’t Working For You!”

And finally get all the pieces of what you need to do to start earning the professional, full-time income from trading you want.

Why do 98% of retail traders fail to make money?

Because they mistakenly ignore two things:

  1. You have millions of competitors. Including the best traders in the world at the institutions. 

  2. You are not going to beat these pros, who create & control 90% of the volume in your market, with a couple of indicators — and homespun ‘trial-and-error’ trading methods you cobbled together from YouTube videos and free webinars.

You cannot just geek out over entries and exits… and skip risk management, discipline, market valuation, and market profile analytics... any more than a med student wanting to be a brain surgeon can skip over learning about the heart, nervous system, biology and muscles.

Yet every day, retail traders with full-time income dreams think just knowing how to use an indicator to enter & exit a trade will make them a successful trader.

It won't.

Not any more than watching the TV show Grey's Anatomy makes someone a brain surgeon.

That's why we give you a completely reliable, 8-step institution-grade trading method to succeed:


The eight parts of our trading model all work in tandem with the real-time software suite below. Giving your charts remarkable power and flexibility to fit any trading style of Futures, Stock, or ETF market you wish. 

So you have a simple, yet cohesive methodology to make real-time money-making decisions from your data — to not only survive, but thrive.   

Just like highly profitable Institutional Traders do.

The Institutional Edge System”


The most illuminating, well-supported, institution-grade
order flow sequence tracking training & real-time tools
available for the profit-obsessed retail trader

  • 9 Master Class Video Modules — Over 50 Hours Of Engaging Step-By-Step Institutional Trading Methods And Strategies That Create Low-Risk, High-Reward Trades Right Now
  • Live Trading Exercises + Weekly Q&A Webinar
  • Our Next-Level Real-Time Software Suite (With Order Flow Sequence Tracking Intelligence)
  • Free Software Upgrades For Life + Any New Tool We Create Added For Free
  • Free Master Class Updates + Any New Classes We Add For Free
  • Personal White Glove Remote Installation Of All Your Tools — So You’re Up And Learning Without Any Delay

Your new path to a steady, full-time income starts with 9 on-demand institution-grade master class modules...

“Starting With These 9 Master Class Modules, You’ll Experience Total
Clarity On How To Profitably
‘Decode’ Institutional Order Flow Sequences — In REAL TIME!”

Watch this 3-minute overview of the 9 master class modules that immediately helps you stop losing & start winning with the institutions.

If you were a brand-new institutional trader, or at a prop firm, this is exactly what you’d be expected to know to regularly nail low-risk trades with 3:1 - 10:1 risk-reward ratios. 

In short, all the essential parts of trading to become highly profitable trading with the institutions — instead of against them as you unintentionally are doing right now. 

It would not matter if you’ve been trading for years. Or were cocksure you knew everything under the sun about market valuation, risk management, market profile analytics, charting, emotional discipline...  

The reality is this:  

If you want to earn a full-time income from trading, you must have a system that can repeatedly beat millions of other retail traders. As well as the best traders in the world at the institutional level.  

That’s why we’re the only ones online who give you the complete, professional, institutional-grade training that your unprofitable retail trader competitors don’t know. 

And all highly profitable Institutional Traders do!

“Start Making Smart 3:1 to 10:1
Risk-To-Reward Ratio Trades In
Just 9 Master Class Video Modules”

You won’t have to spend YEARS to learn the order flow sequence tracking skills and discipline needed to profitably trade with the big boys.  

With 50 on-demand hours of engaging, hands-on education and live trading exercises… you’ll quickly and easily learn:

  • Order Flow Sequences & Real-Time Sequence Tracking
  • Market Valuation
  • Supply and Demand
  • Auction Market Theory
  • Market Structure and Charting
  • Market Profile Analytics
  • Institutional Money Flow Tracking
  • Trap & Competitor Spotting
  • Chart Structures & Interpretation
  • Institutional Trade Locations
  • Risk Management, Stop Loss Optimization
  • Live Entry, Exit Training
  • Emotional Mind Control
  • Profit Flow Discipline
  • Running a Trading Business
  • Step-by-Step Trade Setups

“Even Before You Complete These Modules — Your Biggest Trading Headaches Will Disappear…”

Because you’ll start using your new institutional trading skills to:

…. Confidently Find Profitable Trade Locations
…. Smartly Time Your Entries  
…. Use Dynamic Stop-Targets To Turn Losing Trades Into Winners
…. Consistently Buy And Sell The Right Side Of The Market — With The Institutions

In short:  

All the things that USED to hold you back from earning the full-time income from trading you desire.

But that’s not all…

“Your 2nd Massive Competitive Advantage Is The Institutional Edge System Real-Time Software Suite”

IES logo with tagline
IES Suite 1 - Institutional Order Flow Sequence Tracker
IES Suite 2 - Trade Location Spotter
IES Suite 3 - Volume Profiling

Watch as your daily, weekly, and monthly profits become steady, consistent, and reliable!

(Imagine how you'll feel knowing how to expertly time when to buy & sell on every trade... and how much more you'll be able to take home each day.)

It’s no secret indicators are becoming obsolete —  for traders with full-time income aspirations...

Because of advances in technology, the only folks indicators will continue to appeal to are uneducated newbies. Or retail traders with get-rich-quick dreams.

If you want to earn a professional full-time income trading you must have professional, real-time institution-grade tools to compete with the best traders in the world. The Institutional Traders who control 90% of the daily volume in your markets.

That’s why...

“Our Institution-Grade Software Suite Is Built To Make You Profitable — Not
Over-Analyze Data”

(Watch the quick videos below to see how our real-time software suite, with order flow sequence intelligence, works with our proven 8-step trading model)

Tools for Step 1:  Watch how our Long-Term Supply & Demand and True Value Tools search for “cheap” prices & trade locations to BUY, in context to the current price and supply & demand. It also searches for “expensive” prices & trade locations to SELL in context to the current price and supply & demand. So you stay out of the market when there is no opportunity.

Tools for Step 2: Watch our Ghost Block, Ghost Imbalance Clusters and Market Profile Analytics unveil the hidden institutional trade location that 95% of lagging indicators and retail trader methods can’t see. This way you never waste your time with mediocre locations that go nowhere. And ensure you spend your time on the lowest-risk, most profitable location available.

Tools for Step 3:  See how our CVAP, HVAP, and Block & Auction tools track vertical and horizontal volume clusters, block trade sequences and open auction patterns for the institutional locations we decoded earlier, to give you deeper insight on which direction institutions try to initiate their trade to position themselves for the best price. This priceless intel keeps you from trading AGAINST the Institutional Money Flow — and getting wiped out of your trade.

Tools for Step 4:  Watch how the Exhaustion Alert,  Reversal Alert, Trapped Trades Alert,  Momentum Alert, and Imbalance Alerts spot institutional traps and competitors — in REAL TIME when they are building threats to your position, and profits. So you know how to do two things: 1) Not get caught in the trap.  2) Use the trap as an opportunity to profit alongside the institutions, or High Frequency Traders, who set the trap.

Tools for Step 5: Watch how the Real-Time Order Flow Sequence Tracker collects real-time order flow data and turns it into — easy-to-understand and trackable order flow sequences. Unlike tools that show you just old order flow bid/ask data. All key order flow sequence elements are automatically highlighted. So you’re never left guessing what to pay attention to. The 14 different filters and sequence options can be added in one simple click to any chart. This one tool alone has helped hundreds of traders stop losing & start winning way more often.

Tools for Step 6: Watch how to leverage Real-time Supply and Demand Zones, COT and COT Clusters, and Risk-Reward Calculator data with order flow sequence tracking intel you’ve gathered to pair with the RISK. By combining the entry, stop and target in conjunction to each other you are able to qualify a Prime Entry. This way you rest easy knowing if you have a risk-reward ratio that makes sense to even invest your time and money to trade — or NOT.

Tools for Step 7: Watch how these filters in the Order Flow Sequence Tracker gauge overall market mood to your position to give you Real Time Stop-Risk Optimization. Now, instead of getting stopped out because of using a static 10-15 tick stop to give your trades ‘room to work out’ — you manage your entry, stop & target in tandem to proactively turn your potential losses into break-even, or winning trades. Thus, slashing risk by 75% on every trade: just like elite institutional traders do.

Tools for Step 8: Watch how Profit Flow Discipline is what truly separates the amateur retail trader versus the wealthy full-time trader. With the Institutional Edge System training and real-time software suite, you get the discipline and courage to STAY IN YOUR PROFITABLE TRADES. Because you now can see the real order flow volume driving prices that lagging indicators can’t. So instead of flying blind and settling for a tiny fraction of the profits — you have the rock-solid confirmation (and confidence) you need to let it run!

Most ‘order flow’ tools give you old bid/ask data. And then ask you to use your old price data from lagging indicators to interpret it to TRY to make money. This insanity leads to hours of frustration with you over-analyzing worthless data — and taking more losses.

With the Institutional Edge System’s Real-Time Software Suite all your confusion goes away. Because we are the ONLY ones who show you how to track the order flow sequences — which can’t be hidden by institutions. Then we show you how to pair it with other critical institutional money flow intelligence for low-risk, high-reward trades.

So no matter what chart you look at, you have a cutting-edge institution-grade software suite built to make you money — not over-analyze data.  

This means:

No second-guessing your charts.  
No bloated graphs.
No forcing you to use ‘proprietary charts’.
No over-analyzing data.
No chasing false trading signals.
No wondering when to enter & exit.
No confusion around how to make low-risk, high-profit trades.

“Here’s 4 More Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Our Real-Time Software Suite With Order Flow Sequence Intelligence…”

  1. You’ll have fun trading again! Because the tools are all ridiculously customizable and powerful, yet even more simple to use. Your charts only display the data you need to actually make money with.

  2. With our intuitive filters, dynamic ability to use any chart type on NinjaTrader®8, along with loading historic data on the new NT8 platform, you can develop, backtest and tinker with trading ideas to your heart’s content.

  3. Free White Glove Installation of All Tools. We give you a step-by-step DIY
    option. Or, one of our Ninjacators Techs will remotely install all your tools (with you on the line) to get your system set up exactly how you want.

  4. Free Upgrades + Add-ons for life. We never hold your tech hostage by forcing
    you to pay for upgrades. When we upgrade our tools, or add new ones, you never pay a penny.



“So Is The Institutional Edge System
Right For You?”

Most people who become traders have a feeling of invincibility, being smarter than the average bear, and dream of leaving a job they hate for the thrills of trading.  

For 98% of them however, the dream of quick money and financial success very quickly becomes a living nightmare. That’s why the first step in becoming a successful trader is to understand why so many day traders fail.

So answer the following questions:

red Q

Would you buy a business if you had no idea what the cash flow would be?

red Q

Would you buy a business if you had little actual experience or training compared to your competition?

red Q

Would you go into a business where you completely ignore your biggest competitors?

red Q

Would you buy a business without a business plan?

If you're saying, "Not a chance," guess again.

That is exactly what you are doing when you start trading without having ALL the elements of a trading business accounted for.  

You must prepare yourself.  

And realize that you are going up against millions of competitors. Including the best traders in the world at the institutions.  

Who all have more experience, more discipline, millions more in capital, and more real-time tools to ruthlessly take your money.  

Professional training, trading in real-time with the institutions instead of against them, psychological control, and a realization that you are not invincible, or smarter than the market, is your only REAL shot at success.

“How Much Would A Properly Set-Up, Consistently Profitable Trading System Be Worth To You?...”

$5K a month?...  

$8K a month?...

$20K or more a month?

Would that be worth a SINGLE…
$5,000… $10,000… $20,000 investment?  

Of course it would.  

Because you’d be making that from your own Institutional Edge System, if not a heck of a lot more, on a regular monthly basis.

No doubt, some trader will take this program and use it to add an additional $100,000 a month to their trading business.

That’s why traders from all over the world
routinely pay us $10,000 for a single week of private training. And Institutional Traders are expected to invest over $40,000 in their education to know how to earn steady profits.

But today, you’ll get the Institutional Edge System Training and Real-Time Software Suite for much less...

Try It Right Now With 100% Risk-Free
Peace Of Mind!

30 day love it or replace it guarantee

Have A Question?

Still Not Sure?
Wondering If "The Institutional Edge System" Is Right For You?
  • Will this work for my market & trading style?

Yep — as long as you day trade, swing trade, or scalp any futures, stocks or ETF markets, The Institutional Edge System will feel like the most intuitive, dynamic way of trading you've ever experienced. So even if you're new to those markets, you'll feel instantly comfortable trading with the institutions instead of against them.

  • Can this really take me from unprofitable to profitable?

Yes. Because you will no longer be trading blind with lagging indicators & normal retail trader price-based methods. You will see and understand what really drives price:  institutional volume & order flow sequence. Then be given a confident approach to hunt and stalk institutions as they covertly buy up and sell off millions in positions. Which allows you to find profitable trade locations, time your entries perfectly, place smart, low-risk stops, and have the discipline to stay in profitable trades far beyond what your current methods allow.

  • Do you show me how to set everything up?

Absolutely. Or even better — we'll do it for you, free! Setting up our tools in NinjaTrader®8 is a snap. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions and videos. Or book a White Glove installation session. And one of our friendly techs will remotely log in (with you on the line) and get everything dialed in to your liking :).

  • Do I get immediate access to the entire software package & training?

Yes! You get immediate access to EVERYTHING right after purchase:  all the training modules, all the real-time tools, the entire software package plus both kickstart trade setup bonuses.

  • Do I have to use NinjaTrader® & their brokerage?

You only need NinjaTrader® for charting. All our tools are designed for NinjaTrader®8. You can use our software with their free version, but you will have to pay for data feeds (they are not included in the price of IES). If you already execute trades through another platform like Tradestation, MultiCharts, Think or Swim, IB, eSignal, MetaTrader, TT, CQG... or any other, you can keep doing that, and just use NinjaTrader® for charting. We are not paid anything by NinjaTrader®, or care whether you use their brokerage. We just love the platform! 🙂

  • Is there a guarantee?

Yes! With our famous Love-It-Or-Replace-It-Guarantee you can use the entire Institutional Edge System for a full 30 days, wear the tires off... and if you aren't 100% satisfied with your investment, just contact our friendly Ninjacators support team and we will replace it with something you do love. No questions asked!

  • What if I have a question going through the training?

We've got your covered. With FREE bi-weekly live small group mentoring, led by a former JP Morgan trader, we will help you implement all aspects of institutional order flow sequence tracking and volume profiling.


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