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Smart Squeeze 122698

Smart Squeeze

Single Indicator

Unlock Volatility Trends
Never worry about misreading trends again with the Smart Squeeze volatility indicator. Instead, follow the volatility to big profits.

Aggregate Tape Reader-Thumb

Aggregate Tape Reader

Single Indicator

The Aggregate Tape Reader gives you 3 tools in 1: to automatically help you find the BEST of the BEST trade levels and extraordinary realtime opportunities. For dozens more lower risk, high profit potential trades in any 1 (or multiple) markets...

Volume Delta Histogram

Volume Delta Histogram

Single Indicator

Get the Lay of the Market with Decreased Risk. Futures Scalping (and More) with Volume Delta Indicator.
Use this volume delta indicator to know who’s controlling the market...

Smart Hama 122750

Smart Hama

Single Indicator

Smart Hama Moving Average Indicator
The Smart Hama moving average indicator uses multiple moving averages to smooth the market and help you find the best trading setups.

Profile Box 122724

Profile Box

Single Indicator

Volume Profile Indicator Predicts Future Long & Short Entries
Historical Data Defines Support & Resistance for Lucrative Entries You Can See Coming

122789 Volume Delta Differential

Volume Delta Differential

Single Indicator

Volume Delta Indicator Clarifies Market Sentiment

Volume Delta Values Reveal Big Opportunities for Big Profits


Iceberg Order Trader

Turn-Key Strategies

Is This The Greatest Equalizer For The “Little Guy” In The History Of Futures Market Day Trading?
If you don’t know how institutions use hidden Iceberg Orders to induce and... 

Initial Balance Indicator

Initial Balance

Single Indicator

Tame Moody Markets with Initial Balance Indicator
Find Prime Trade Locations Despite the Tone of the Market with Support & Resistance Action

Multi Period Candles 122703

Multi Period Candles

Single Indicator

Price Levels & Price Action Indicator Lets You See Multiple Periods

Multi-Period Candles Gives You Ultimate Flexibility

Day Trading Signal + MA Scanner 122806

Day Trading Signal

Single Indicator

Laser Accuracy For Timing Entries & Exits In Multiple Markets

For futures and day traders still seeking that perfect moment, the Day Trading Signal + Day Trading Market Analyzer Scanner is your new crystal ball.

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