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Want to bag 30 - 300 tick winners on command? Without agonizing over entries and stops? If you already have a profitable supply and demand trading edge, this isn't for you. But if you want automatic certainty... then access this for FREE.

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For a real-time supply & demand trading edge that is...

* So simple, you can master it by your next session...
* So easy, you'll never agonize over when to enter, or where to place your stops again...
* And... so intuitive... you can bag 30-300-tick winners nearly on command.

And here's the real kicker:

It Doesn’t Matter If You've Tried Every
One Of These Other Infuriating Ways... To Try
To Find Aggressive Buyers & Sellers Before

PRO TIP: If you don't want your entries and stop losses to get sucker-punched at pivotal
trade locations --- stop drawing static supply & demand zones over lagging indicators.

Because try all you want...

You randomly drawing static supply & demand zones based on lagging indicators will only keep you playing an impossible-to-win entry & stop loss shell game.

That doesn't mean they can't help you find aggressive buyers and sellers.

You just have to invest a ton of blood, sweat and cold hard cash learning how to use them the right way.  

Which includes you first forking over $1,000 - $5,000 for the indicators. And you donating at least another $10,000 back to the market in losses. As you spend 1-2 hours, pre- and post-trading, trying to find your trading edge.

Hop on any free supply & demand webinar... or YouTube trading video from a pro trader, and --- you'll see that's the real-deal commitment you'll need to make those methods work. 

Fortunately, with Supply & Demand Trader™ you won't have to!

In fact...

If You've Been Praying For An Honest
Shortcut... To Pro-Level Profit Consistency
at Crucial Daily Levels -- This Is It!

Supply and Demand Trader Hero Shot

Even though it's deceptively simple-looking -- Supply & Demand Trader's brainy algo zones
calculate & calibrate your entries, stops and targets to institutional traders' real-time
aggressive buying & selling. So you can choose which potential 30-300 tick
winners to auto-plot & trade. On any time frame!

You just flip it on...

Choose which 30-300 tick depth of supply and demand zones you want it to auto-plot for you... choose manual or auto-entry... and that's it!

The real-time algos auto-plot the institutional volume, volume block order, and order flows for you. Blue is aggressive buyers. Red is aggressive sellers in control. It also auto-tracks which zones the price has touched and not touched from market open to close.

If you want 30-50 tick opportunities you can expect an average of 10 trades a day.

So if you have the average trader win rate of 50% you'd have 5 winners in the ES, that'd be $400 in profits per contract each... for total of $2,000!

Want even bigger winners?... Choose the 50-100 tick opportunity zones. You'll get an average of 2 quality trades a session.

Land just one 50-tick winner... and you just put $625 in profits per contract in your account!

Want to just trade, with a ton of action? Flip on the scalper zones for 5-20 tick potential winners. With an average of 30 quality trades a session.

Or maybe you just want monster profits? Then choose the 'Whale Trade' mode for 300+ tick opportunities. With an average of 1 quality trade a week.

In just the S&P 500/ES, one 300-tick whale trade would put $3,750 in profits per contract in your pocket! Do that for a month, winning 50%, and you're looking at $7,500. Do it for an entire year and you've just made $90,000... From just one market!

And that's not all...

You Can Mix-and-Match 30-300 Tick 

Predictive Winner Modes... In As Many

Markets As You Want... At ONCE!


Sitting down to trade with that much flexibility at your fingertips... 

Where you take a quick peek pre-market for a whale trade in all 4 E-Minis. Hop back to your favorite market, like the ES, to scoop up a couple of 50-100 tick winners in the first few hours of market open. Gleefully pocket scalp winner after scalp winner in the afternoon... and finish your session bagging as many 20-30 tick winners as you can -- right to market close!

Or heck, be completely lazy...

And just keep your favorite mode on. Then use it to better time your entries and place safer stops. To quickly boost the results of what you're doing now.

No other supply & demand tools on NinjaTrader® can give you this much power and flexibility. With so little effort.

With so little effort.

Introducing: Supply & Demand Trader 

... Your Key to Gaining Automatic Certainty On How to
Bag 30-300 tick Winners Nearly On Command... From
Aggressive Institutional Buying & Selling at Your Most
Important Trade Levels!

Supply And Demand Trader

Get Your FREE Supply & Demand Zone Trader 
Access in Minutes!


Once the email address is confirmed we will send you access to your Member Area and License Key with instructions on how to download and setup your Supply & Demand Zone Trader tool for NinjaTrader 8 for free. 

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Here's how you can start seeing results as soon as your very next session...

Supply & Demand Trader™ helps you gain automatic certainty when to enter early... and where to 

place stops away from danger --- For consistent 30-300 tick winners in any market you want!

And that's not the only difference you'll see:

  • As soon as your next session, you'll have a new sureness of what trade locations to target, when to enter, where to place stops and how to exit with more consistent winners like never before. 
  • And what you learn will STICK... Meaning you'll continue to confidently enter trades early and place stops away from danger for any 30-300 tick opportunity you want! With any kind of trend, counter-trend or scalp trade you want.
  • If you chronically enter trades late now... The real-time, intuitive intel will usher you by color and zone size to the most aggressive buying & selling trade locations. Flip on the auto-entry signals, and you'll even enter at the first touch of your zone.
  • If you're getting stopped out too much now... You'll know how to use the stop placement guides on the Depth of Supply & Demand Zones in minutes! You'll never again fuss with 'giving trades room to work out'... and all the energy you used to waste worrying will now boost your confidence to stay in your trade for maximum profits.
  • If you're trading mostly in simulation... maybe haven't found a reliable trading edge you trust... take too many losses, exit winners too early... then you're going to feel ecstatic over what this does for you! Because it requires NO previous supply & demand experience whatsoever! It's all about letting the law of supply & demand automatically unlock your innate trading instincts. To buy the dips and the sell the rips.
  • If you're a cocky new trader brimming with more confidence than results... this is the ONLY set of indicators you'll need to rapidly build your capital! In just a few minutes, you'll cement "good habits" that will stay with you the rest of your trading career. Most new traders are erratic, relying on above-average IQ or a six-figure salary to keep covering their losses. That's a mistake. Load these uniquely powerful indicators on your charts... and give yourself a smarter trading edge. That can build your war chest in months, instead of years.
  • If you're an average trader... with "average" inconsistent results that maybe gives you 'okay' winners, maybe gives you big losses, maybe has you revenge trading to get it all back... then what you'll discover with this real-time supply & demand intel can change your results overnight! Where you'll sigh with joy every time you enter early, avoid huge stop-outs, and watch your equity curve grow.

BONUS #1: The Aggression Oscillator

... Your Ultimate Aggressive Institutional Buying & Selling Confirmation Radar. Alerting You to Rapid Price Reversals, Aggressive Pullbacks,
And Massive Counter-Trend Opportunities...

Here's something else you'll appreciate.

The Aggression Oscillator happily does double duty grunt work for you.

Working with Supply and Demand Trader™ --- it acts as your bulletproof confirmation of aggressive buying and selling in any trend and counter-trend conditions. So you avoid danger... while exiting trades with maximum profits.

Working by itself --- you can trade the 'spikes' in aggressive institutional buying and selling. And smartly scale into any open position you have. Or, just spend your session hunting 50-250 tick winners it delivers on any time frame.

BONUS #2: Our 2 Grab-And-Run 'Aggression
Spike Strategies' + Entry Signals

...TWO powerful strategies + Entry Signals From Institutional Buy & Sell Spikes On The Aggression Oscillator. That Consistently Give You
$500-$1,500 Trend And Counter-Trend Winners. In Any Market
And Time Frame... 2-4 Times A Day!

Rest assured:

In the included quick start videos for EACH strategy -- we hold nothing back on exactly how you can grab winners like this too!

Hidden bonus: We'll show you how to use the aggression oscillators' built-in entry
signals. To ride any 'spike' in aggressive institutional buying & selling for $500 to
$1,500 single contract winners... that happen 2-4 times day in every market!

You'll peek over my shoulder and discover:

... How to take profits on the way up or down of any trend or counter-trend move
... How to smartly place your stops with and without the supply & demand trader zones
... The smartest (and easiest) way to scale into bigger positions
... What volatility setups ignite the most explosive trades
... And much, much more...

Want to see how you too can start using all you've read here so far... to start bagging 30-300 tick winners nearly on command... at your important trade levels?

You can, for far less than those fat cat order flow and volume profile developers will charge you -- and without any risk.

Because right now today, you can...

Gain Instant Access To Everything On This Page For $997 FREE

You need to hurry however.

Because once this special deal ends you have to pay $997.

Which everyone knows is still a fraction of the $5,000-$10,000 you'd have to pay to those fat cat developers... to try to use order flow and volume profiling to do what Supply & Demand Trader™ can do so easily.

Which means this, my trading friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for serious futures traders like yourself. What's more, the monies actually are relevant because...

Get Your FREE Supply & Demand Zone Trader 
Access in Minutes!


Once the email address is confirmed we will send you access to your Member Area and License Key with instructions on how to download and setup your Supply & Demand Zone Trader tool for NinjaTrader 8 for free. 

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